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We are Prological - a leading Australasian supply chain consultancy pioneering commercially astute and operationally sustainable supply chain solutions.

Specialising in comprehensive supply chain transformation, we help our clients navigate projects in the arenas of freight optimisation, network design, and warehouse sourcing, design and optimisation, resulting in long term commercial benefits.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Tackle supply chain disruption and engineer a resilient, customer centric operation that meets your financial, operational and environmental goals

Make evidence-based decisions on stocking locations and freight networks relative to sourcing sites, suppliers and customers

Gain real-world insights and engage with industry to development, optimise and implement a domestic or international freight strategy

Review your warehouse processes and operations, and gain insight on how to meet goals around cost, efficiency and service levels.

Design a robust, integrated sales and operations planning process (S&OP) that provides the link between your strategic and business plans

Warehouse Design and Sourcing

Devise a scalable, responsive and flexible warehousing strategy that responds to your current and future business strategy

Explore the level or type of automation that’s right for your business before you commit resources to any automation solution

Understand your industrial property needs, know your options, and translate them into a reality that keeps pace with your growth strategy

Delivering Results

Prological provides unbiased advice providing our clients with customised and sustainable, best-practice solutions.

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Our Team

Peter Jones

Managing Director, Founder

Paul Erokhin

General Manager

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Senior Analyst

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Senior Associate

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Senior Associate

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Craig Pickup

Senior Associate - Sustainability

Alexander Witzke

Senior Associate

Simon Hodsden

Research Analyst

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Senior Associate

Karen Shaw

Finance Manager