Supply Chain Strategy

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that your supply chain is nimble, transparent, and adaptive. Designing more intelligent, robust, and diverse supply chains, supported by data analytics and systems that provide real time visibility across your network, is critical to combatting disruption. But, where to start?

Uncover intelligence to create your advantage

At Prological, we understand that a finely tuned supply chain can be the unfair advantage that sets you apart from your competitors. Our team partners with you to create innovative, end-to-end solutions that deliver on your current and future financial, operational, and sustainability goals.

With evidence-based insights, we empower you to tackle supply chain disruption – whether it be improving pinch points in demand planning, freight or warehousing, or re-engineering your entire supply chain.

Prological supply chain

Unbiased, independent, specialised expertise

Our team offers a depth of independent, unbiased and specialised expertise. We design real-world solutions that we know we can successfully implement for you.

  • Benchmark current state baseline – Interrogate data and engage with process owners and SMEs, conducting coal-face reviews and developing evidence-based visualised reports.
  • Design future state – Complete scenario modelling, drawing on baseline analysis and our extensive logistics costs database. Minimise touchpoints, streamline processes and balance customer expectations with cost and working capital efficiencies.
  • Engage with industry – Leverage over 20 years’ experience with 3PL and freight suppliers. Collaborate with them to identify potential opportunities for improvement (from operational efficiencies through to vehicle configuration and design).
  • Blueprint strategy and roadmap – Translate evidence and modelling into a staged blueprint strategy and roadmap that identifies KPIs, operational, people, process and system enhancements that deliver your customer promise now and into the future.
  • Implement change – Drive and deliver change. Approachable and engaging, our team will work with your people to deliver meaningful change.

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