Our Commitments
& Collaborations

Our Journey

Prological came to life in 2010 when Peter Jones resolved to transition his decades of experience gained in the supply chain industry into a specialist supply chain consultancy. The company quickly broadened its capability and capacity, onboarding analysts and consultants specialising in logistics, warehousing and supply chain management. Peter’s reputation and expertise in national and global network design, coupled with his unrivalled knowledge of the freight industry, led to further growth in status and demand for Prological’s services.

12 years later, Prological has evolved into a high-performing team. We take our work and our clients’ requirements very seriously – without taking ourselves too seriously. Our collaborative engagement approach, commitment to innovation, and ease of accessibility has led to an increasing number of referrals and multiple engagements with some of our largest clients.

Prological’s character is delivered through an experienced team, each unique in their background, education, experience, and commitment to our culture, values and excellence.

Our Commitments To Clients


We commit to honouring our clients' trust through demonstrated honesty, authenticity and integrity.


We commit to accurately determine our clients' needs, acutely understand their challenges, and arrive at pragmatic, actionable solutions.


We commit to cherish the relationships we develop with clients, and strive to involve clients in all stages of projects, keeping them in the loop and fostering a collaborative process.


We commit to understanding our clients' organisations holistically and in detail, and sharing the insight we hone.

Future Orientation

We commit to thinking not just of our clients' organisations as they are, but as they could be in the future, and work towards solutions that will continue to deliver for years to come.


We commit to treating our clients' organisations with consideration and care, and approach solutions with the goal of manageable transitions and lasting positive impact.