Sales and Operations Planning

A robust, integrated sales and operations planning process (S&OP) provides the link between a company’s strategic and business plans.

Tactical. Strategic. Cross business decision making

Aligning daily operations and short-term tactical sales, production, inventory, product and financial plans, with longer-term business strategies will ultimately increase profitability, employee engagement, customer loyalty and growth.

Prological’s S&OP specialists take a cross functional approach to planning, collaborating with your sales, marketing, product development / manufacturing, procurement, finance and supply chain teams to formulate an agreed plan that meets your goals.

Our team will help you to identify ownership, define metrics, and understand and mitigate competing priorities to form an agreed plan supported by a considered set of structured processes, supporting systems and technology.

Reduction in inventory levels

Improved DIFOT

Sales and operations planning

What we do

As experienced supply chain consultants, Prological collaborate with your team to:

  • Review existing planning processes, systems and organisational structures to identify opportunities for inventory improvement
  • Design an optimal and sustainable planning process based on the scale of the business, number and complexity of SKUs, sales channels, and number and location of supply points
  • Determine appropriate safety stock levels based on vendor lead times, forecast and lead time variability, working capital and storage constraints
  • Define a forecasting hierarchy to best review and build a demand plan
  • Develop a suite of KPI’s and metrics and provide support on selecting the most appropriate business intelligence tools and visualisations
  • Select suitable systems to support Forecasting and Demand Management, Supply Planning (SP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
  • Implement the designed planning process and selected systems
  • Support through advisory or embedded resources.

Our results

  • Reduction in inventory levels by 15-40%
  • Improved Delivered ln Full, On Time (DIFOT) by 10-30%
  • Reduced slow moving and obsolete (SLOB) stock
  • Optimised organisational structures and supply chain roles aligned to tasks
  • Visibility of future issues relating to inventory health and warehouse capacity
  • Collaborative engagement across all departments and levels of the business

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