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Supply Chain Maturity Assessment

Independent benchmarking, assessment and improvement of supply chain functions

Mining – Manufacturing

Current state / supply chain maturity state analysis

As part of our client’s overall strategy to better secure inventory and improve fulfilment, our client required an independent supply chain maturity assessment of current supply chain functions to:

  • benchmark against targeted maturity levels
  • identify improvement initiatives to bridge the gaps between current and targeted maturity levels.

More than 100 supply chain assessment criteria were assessed and scored against Prological’s supply chain maturity assessment framework for our client who is a manufacturer with a Group revenue of $7.2B.

Supply chain audit

Prological’s team of analysts completed an audit of the following supply chain functions:

  • Material Planning
  • Purchasing & Supply
  • Inventory Management
  • Storage & Handling
  • Transport
  • Fulfilment

Prological’s Supply Chain Maturity Assessment

Prological’s Supply Chain Maturity Assessment Framework has been designed to:

  • provide a holistic, independent, non-biased assessment of the supply chain to quantify and articulate the Current-State vs Maturity targets
  • identify initiatives to close the gap between current and target maturity levels
  • prioritise supply chain change program to maximise ROI.

Comprehensive assessment and initiatives

As a result, Prological delivered to our client:

  • a comprehensive assessment of their supply chain maturity and relative to targeted levels
  • a prioritised initiatives register and change roadmap to bridge the gap between current and targeted maturity levels.

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