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Paul Erokhin

General Manager - Australia, New Zealand

Paul is an experienced operations and supply chain professional specialising in sales and operations planning, inventory management, process development and improvement, project management, data analysis/modelling, business strategy, change management and strategic sales planning.

Paul has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Honours 1st Class) from the University of New South Wales.

Paul has served on the executive teams for sales and marketing organisations in Australia and New Zealand over the past 14 years. Paul has played a pivotal role in business change projects resulting from acquisitions, divestments and new major contracts with a focus on business continuity, integration and operational consolidation. Paul understands the challenges of supporting competing stakeholders across multiple business units, product categories and customer channels. Paul enjoys the challenge of finding the right balance between service levels and cost and focuses on process and system improvements to deliver results in both areas.

Paul enjoys the ocean and is most relaxed with a fishing rod in hand. He also enjoys cooking, but unfortunately can’t rely on his fishing skills to feed his family. Paul has two beautiful daughters that are growing up way too fast and will forever ensure that he is not too relaxed.

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