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Prological launches 2023/24 Supply Chain Pulse-Check survey

Peter Jones

Managing Director, Founder

Prological has launched a new industry-wide report into the biggest challenges facing supply chains heading into 2024.

The annual Supply Chain Pulse-Check Survey explores trends in supply chain and logistics, and its valuable insights will help shape future decision-making across the region.

Following the success of last year’s survey, respondents will have the opportunity to have their say on the economic outlook in ANZ, sustainability issues, industrial property challenges and supply chain visibility, as well as other key areas of interest for the supply chain sector, such as artificial intelligence and automation.

For every survey respondent, Prological will donate $10 to their charitable partner, Forever Projects, which helps women and children in Tanzania break the cycle of poverty.

The survey takes less than ten minutes to complete, and three lucky survey respondents will win a bottle of Chianti Classico Riserva, which has an origin story sure to turn heads while sharing with friends. To find out more, see below.

Insights from the Supply Chain Pulse-Check Survey 2023/24 will provide valuable information for industry leaders and impact key decisions heading into 2024.

Join your peers and share your views on the future of the industry here.

About Chianti Classico Riserva

The Black Rooster, known as the Gallo Nero, was the historic symbol of the League of Chianti (roughly today’s Tuscany) and has become the symbol of the wines of Chianti Classico. The symbol is linked to a medieval legend which takes place during the time of open hostilities between Firenze (Florence) and Siena for control of the Chianti territory.

In order to end the dispute and finally define the political boundaries between the two cities, it was decided that two knights would depart from their respective cities at sunrise and fix the boundary between the two city-states at the point where they met. The rooster’s crow at dawn was the signal for the knights to start riding. The Sieneses opted for a white rooster; the Florentines chose a black rooster.  

The Florentines kept their rooster in a small, dark chicken-coop and did not feed it for days. On the day of the ride, once the black rooster was freed, it began to crow well ahead of dawn, allowing the Florentine knight to depart well in advance of the Sienese knight.

Thanks to his considerable head start, the Florentine knight met his opponent in Fonterutoli, only 12 kilometres from the point of departure of the Sienese knight, which allowed Firenze to control nearly the entirety of the Chianti territory. 

Today, the Gallo Nero symbol is synonymous with grapes grown, picked and turned into wine with the highest standards and without chemicals.

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