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Warehouse Redesign, System Specification & SKU Slotting

Optimising the footprint of a consolidated manufacturing site

Australian Manufacturer

Doubling of throughput due to consolidation

Our client is a building products manufacturer with annual revenue of $75m. They had recently developed a strategic initiative to consolidate manufacturing operations in Sydney and Melbourne to a single site in Melbourne.

This doubling of throughput could not be accommodated without significant changes to the warehouse configuration and material flow.

Our challenge was to optimise the footprint of a consolidated manufacturing site.

Concept, specification, transition

Prological set out to prove that the idea of consolidation was operationally and commercially viable by designing and costing a variety of warehouse layout configurations.

Once proof of concept was demonstrated, funds were released to commence the specification and selection of the supporting IT solutions and processes to enable the new design.

These enablers included WMS and communication systems, mobile data terminals and new processes to realign the existing paper-based practices to the new systems-driven warehouse operation.

The final step was to develop a transition plan to relocate the large facility while operating at 140% capacity with a strong focus on business continuity.

Optimised, technological driven warehouse

Prological delivered an optimised warehouse design to support the consolidated manufacturing operations along with a new WMS system interfaced with SAP and integrated pick-to-voice technology.

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